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Tio Vivo Carousel 

An unforgettable ride shared by generations


From Forgotten Relic to Reality: The Reemergence of Tio Vivo

The Lions Club of Taos is proud to report we saved this unique treasure from obscurity. In 1937, Lion Ernie Martinez stumbled upon the Tio Vivo (Lively Uncle) in a Penasco barn where it had sat abandoned for an unknown number of years. Fortunately, the Lions Club foresaw what a true treasure the Tio Vivo would become. We paid the astounding sum of $90 to save the second oldest "Flying Jenny" carousel in the country from ruin. Over the years the flying horses have been restored and repainted by some of Taos' most famous artists. Which one is your favorite?

You haven't seen a child smile until you have seen them ride Tio Vivo Carousel.....

Assembling the Tio Vivo twice a year for the kids to ride takes a lot of hard work; but we are happy to do it, it is truly a labor of love. Nothing warms our hearts like an elderly Taoseno recalling when they rode the same carousel that their grandkids are now riding.

We are currently looking for a permanent venue for Tio Vivo to reside. In the meantime, look for us at the annual Lilac Festival, Touch-A-Truck event at the Youth & Family Center, and the Fiestas de Taos in southeast corner of the plaza.


Maintaining the Tio Vivo is an expensive operation. If you believe this is a worthwhile effort, and are able to contribute, please click the button below.

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