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Flags on the Taos Plaza

The Lions Club of Taos is proud to fly the Stars & Stripes for all major holidays


Taos Lions Celebrate the USA! 

This is one service project that is enjoyed by Lions and non-Lions alike. Displaying 76 US Flags around the Taos Plaza is a labor of love that we look forward to at least seven times a year.

Even Covid could not stop us!

Care to Join Us? 
All are welcome 

The Home page of this website will announce the next scheduled date and time. Be forewarned, this is an addictive service project!


No doubt about it, the Lions Club of Taos is patriotic! In a time when patriotism is sometimes frowned upon, we stand firm in our belief that we all fortunate to be living in this great country. The next time you notice our flags in the plaza, we ask that you join us in honoring those who have sacrificed so much to preserve our freedoms. God Bless America!

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