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Lions Club of Taos 
    Our Story 

Lions Club of Taos is one of the two oldest clubs in the state, the two having been founded on the same day in 1927, and the oldest service club in Taos. Ever since then, Lions Club of Taos has strived to to live up to our motto, "We Serve", by undertaking numerous projects to improve the quality of life for  Tasenos. Our club is about 35 members strong, and we come from many different places, with many different professional backgrounds, each with a unique set of experiences, but united in our commitment to help make Taos, New Mexico the best place to be.

Like most other Lions clubs, our primary focus is vision issues. Our club is unique in that we acquired the latest technology which allows us to go to each and every school in the area to provide free eye screenings for all students enrolled in Pre-K to Third Grade. Our goal is to identify vision problems as early as possible so the students have the best possible opportunity to learn in the classroom, and in their everyday lives.

In addition, as you can see from our "Programs" menu, we have many other initiatives, such as Tio Vivo, Adult Vision, Community Health and Technical Education (CHATE), Taos Elder Benevolent Services (TEBS) which is Elder Assistance, Flags on the Plaza, Helping Hands Pueblo Project, and our Community Charities effort provides financial assistance to other charitable organizations, ongoing at any time to improve the quality of life in our community.

Are you new to Taos?  Has your family been year for decades? Do you care about serving your community?  Everyone is invited to be a part of a Tradition in Taos - The Lions Club.  We welcome all - age, sex, race, gender, sexual orientation, color, religion, national origin, disability, or military status are not a factor in being a Lion.  "We Serve" the Community of Taos.

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