A Message From The President of
The Lions Club of Taos
13 April 2021

Welcome to the world of the Lions Club of Taos!

The Lions Club of Taos is one of the oldest Lions Clubs in the United States, formed in 1927, just ten years after the national Lions Club was founded in 1917.

The Lions Club of Taos is both a ‘Service Club,’ serving the citizens of Taos and Taos County; and a ‘Social Club,’ providing activities and a gathering place for members to socialize twice a month.

As a ‘Social Club,’ we meet for lunch at the The Terrace at Taos Country Club from late Spring until late Fall. When the Country Club closes during the Winter months, we meet at one of the local restaurants. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are still able to continue our meetings, meeting virtually via Zoom. During our meetings, we invite guest speakers such as leaders of the community (e.g., the Mayor of Taos, the CEO of Holy Cross Medical Center, etc.), and local subject matter experts, e.g., New Mexico anthropology and archeology; travelogues, etc. Even non-members are invited to listen to our guest speakers.

In addition to our twice a month meeting, we also schedule activities and outings members and non-members can enjoy. For example, we arranged for members, their families, and guests to enjoy a Sunday brunch at Ted Turner’s Vermejo Park Ranch; and we traveled to Cimmaron, NM to watch the Philmont Ranch wranglers move their herd of horses from their winter to the summer pastures.

Most importantly, we sponsor a number of Community Service programs. The Lions Club of Taos currently supports a number of Community Service programs, including:

  • KidSight Eyesight Screening – The State of New Mexico mandates that all children in grades Junior Kindergarten; Senior Kindergarten; and Grades 1-3 have their eyesight screened. Early identification and remediation of Taos children with eyesight issues can contribute directly to their success in school

  • Adult Vision – The Lions Club of Taos subsidizes the cost of eyesight testing; glasses; and even cataract surgery for less fortunate adults who otherwise could not afford these procedures

  • Eyeglasses Recycling – The Lions Club of Taos collects used eyeglasses and sends them to the Lions Club International eyeglass recycling center in Texas. From there, the glasses are distributed nationally to individuals who may not be able to afford new glasses.

  • Taos Elder Benevolent Services (TEBS) – The Lions Club of Taos sponsors TEBS, whose goal is to provide elder residents of Taos a high quality of life. This is accomplished by aiding elderly residents with guidance in applying for various government support programs

  • Community Charities – The Lions Club of Taos supports a number of local 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations through direct grants

  • College Scholarships – The Lions Club of Taos funds student scholarships at the University of New Mexico –  Taos for students enrolled in Nursing; Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA); Commercial Drivers Licenses (CDL) and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) studies.

  • TIO VIVO Carousel – In 1937 the Lions Club of Taos assumed stewardship of a carousel built before the 20th century. It has been a fixture of Taos culture ever since. The Lions Club of Taos is responsible for its maintenance, upkeep, and deployment for a number of annual Taos events,

  • Flags on the Plaza – The Lions Club of Taos proudly displays 76 United States flags around the Taos Plaza on national holidays.

  • Feeding the Homeless – Once a month, the Lions Club of Taos is responsible for preparing a meal to feed between 20 and 40 homeless men, women, and children at the Taos Mens’ Shelter

  • Pueblo Helping Hand Project - Working directly with the Taos Pueblo, the Lions Club of Taos provides essential supplies and food for less fortunate Pueblo residents.

If you think that’s quite a lot for one Lions Club to support, you’re right. We’re always looking for new members to join us in supporting these endeavors.

To fund all these programs, we rely on the generosity of donors.  We also hold an annual fundraising event called “The Toast of Taos,” usually held in June each year. With the COVID-19 pandemic, this annual event had to be cancelled. If you’d like to support our programs by making a cash donation, please contact Mike Hess, Funding Director, at 303.887.2021.

If you’re interested in lending a hand in any of these activities, please contact:

Lou Sturbois

Club Membership Chairperson


Mobile: 575.770.2338

Thank you for your interest.

Mike Rollheiser


Lions Club of Taos