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Let us recycle your glasses

Did you know that you can make a positive change in someone's life by donating your old eyeglasses? 

Lions Clubs International leads the way in recycling used eyeglasses at our facility in Texas. The glasses are sterilized, sorted, and distributed by eye care professionals to people who need them. In 2019 alone, almost 2,000,000 pairs were recycled. The Taos Lions Club contributed well over 2,000 pairs - not bad for a town of our size!

Maybe your old lenses or frames are no longer useful to you, but we assure you there are plenty of needy people you would love to have them. We make it easy for you to donate by placing collection boxes around town at places you visit often (see locations below).

Simply drop your used glasses in the box and we will do the rest. We thank you on behalf of the eventual recipient of your generosity!

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